What's strange is that when he
attended the old Methodist Church with
its infighting and politics, he was calm,
reserved, loving and polite,
but doctrine without affection
disturbs the undisturbed,
and that's what happened at the
Reformed Church full of fire and brimstone,
crude servitude and self-righteousness.
I watched a man who believed in men give
up on them if they weren't Calvinistic enough,
I watched him correct his stooped posture
and wipe the drowsiness off his face,
but I also watched him chain himself to
an unsettling dogma like the south pole
attaching itself to the north pole of a magnet.
The elect and the reprobate. God's sovereignty.
Predeterminism enslaving free-will
like the dog owner's leash taming the animal.
These things made him sanctimonious,
but he justified himself by claiming to obey God,
discarding Scripture that says,
"If you love me, keep my commandments," and embracing,
"Your duty determines the extent of your love."

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2019)

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